Client: Hi I need a high res version of my design. 300dpi.

Me: Sure no problem, what size do you need it?

Client: I told you, 300dpi.

Me: Yes, but I need the actual dimensions to ensure that it is 300dpi.

Client: Oh I don’t know. A JPG will do. But it must be 300dpi….

Me: Can I ask what you need it for?

Client: It’s going on my website.

Me: I can certainly make a file for web, but there’s really no need for it to be 300dpi. Most screens are only capable of showing images at 72dpi –

Client: Can’t you just do what I ask?

Me: But if the file is 300dpi, it may be too big and take a long time to load on the screen.

Client: I don’t care, just do it. I know what I’m talking about.

Begrudgingly, I send over the file. Time passes.

Client: This file is far too big, it takes forever to load. Make the file size smaller, BUT KEEP IT 300DPI.