Blue jacket Lupin series gets Italian PV!

Hehe, of course, new footage from the blue jacket Lupin III show drops while I’m on vacation!

But, oh my! The animation is looking so wonderful! It’s so cool that the Italian audience are getting their own theme song. Regardless of whether or not you like The Don, it’s really nice to have the best of both worlds, since Yuji Ohno is still set to score the Japanese soundtrack!

At a glance, I see heads up to the green jacket show, the red jacket show and even the original Arsène Lupin! How cool is that?! There was even a scene in there with… zombies?

What do you guys think of what we have seen of the show so far? Do you like the Italian theme? The animation? The music? Let us know!

The blue jacket show will begin airing on August the 29th in Italy and will run every Saturday for 26 episodes. The show is still set to air in Japan this fall. Don’t miss it!

Edit: I notice the YouTube video for this has a tonne of dislikes, most definitely only because of the (less than stellar) theme song. This is a big opportunity for the show to further succeed in Italy, and it’s a shame to see so much negativity right off the bat.

[Source: YouTube]

we are angry because the opening is shit! Full of grammatical errors and clichè about Italy that nothing have to do with Lupin. We love this serie so much and we are very happy and exited for the new saga, but for the opening … theme is good but text is very shit

Of course: chardes and animation are (as always) at top level. I like the “old fashioned” style that remembers closely ‘70.
But… But…. but the opening is really awful..

If you are curious I’ll translate lyrics that features a collection of clichés about Italy that, as italian, made me a bit upset…