Custom orders are open!

If you can’t find a jewelry/trinket design you like that’s ready-to-ship in my shop, please message me on Etsy or send an email to frozencrafts @ (no spaces) and we can discuss a custom order for a personalized piece! Paypal only.

The prices range from $19 to $70 – that’s a big gap but it all depends on complexity.

$19 would be a simple bottle design with nothing on it while $70 would be a complicated design like that owl up there as it takes much more time to make, many more supplies and requires a lot of planning. More examples of my work here.

You can use my shop for price references on current glowing jewelry. And if you are even uncertain, just message me and I will give you an approximate cost! Shipping is $2 for UK, $2.50 for Europe and $3.50 everywhere else. Tracking is extra.

If you’d like to sign up for a glowing jewelry & general updates newsletter, please email glowingbottle @ instead!

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