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During the broadcast for the first four episodes of the blue jacket dub in Italy, some viewers may have noticed something special when checking out the dual language options on their TV.

The new show is being broadcast on Italy One with dual language support – which means, viewers with a television capable can switch the audio between Italian and Japanese! This is evidenced in the video above, which was recorded and sent to us by gregguru453 (thanks man, you’re the best!)

While the opening and ending themes remain the Italian version, performed by fan favourite Moreno Donadoni, Italian viewers can get a sneak peek of the Japanese dub ahead of its official air date in Japan this October.

What does this all tell us? The Japanese dub is done, the backing music is very likely final (and the work of Yuji Ohno and his collaborators) and all of the voice cast are on form!


Italian episode descriptions for the next two blue jacket Lupin episodes are now online!

Episodes five, six, seven and eight will air this Sunday on Italy One from 23:20, a little later than the previous time slot of 21:35. From this point on, Mediaset will air four episodes a week at this time slot on a Sunday. The Japanese broadcast is still scheduled for October.

Be aware that the episode descriptions below contain SPOILERS!

Ep. 5 – Sunday, September 6 23:20 – The left hand of the magician:
Fujiko Lupin leaves after meeting a young magician circus, Luke. This guy has inherited a great magician, Tony, his “cookbook” of magic tricks, but has not yet managed to revive the numbers of prestige of his mentor in the circus where he works. Many competitors and colleagues are continuously trying to milk some insight into the recipes. It will remain empty-handed even Fujiko?

Ep. 6 – Sunday, September 6 23:45 – Zombies in Venice:
Lupin meets Rebecca to sign the divorce papers, but their evening is interrupted by the arrival of a horde of zombies victims of an epidemic broke out in the city. After being rescued by a helicopter of the Carabinieri, Lupin discovers that maybe things are not as they seem, and that he may be facing a wave of unexpected popularity.

Stay tuned to Lupin Central for all the latest news on the blue jacket show!

[Thanks to atruegentlemanthief for the heads up!]

Edit: Thanks Dasha-KO for the correction – they’re actually airing FOUR episodes this Sunday. What a time to be alive!

[Source: Movies For Kids]


My client sends seven emails to me in five minutes. One of them scolds me for the color I used for the Call to Action information.
He said he wanted to use a color that popped so I used the lime green that was part of the color scheme on his logo.
He wasn’t satisfied so he demanded I call him.


Me: Can you tell me what color you would like to use then?

Client: You are the designer, I don’t have any specific colors that I’m committed to but the lime green doesn’t pop out. What about the something like the mustard color in my logo?

His logo is Lime green and Bright orange.

Me: Do you mean the orange on your logo?

Client: Yes, the mustard color I have on my logo.

Me: (rubbing my eyes, wondering if I’ve never seen mustard before) So, just to double check, we’re talking about the bright orange color from your logo?

Client: You are the designer, you know what looks best.

Un genio.

“il colore che hai scelto mi fa schifo, scegline un altro che sai cosa fare”